The sun is out and the temperature is nice, so you may be tempted to plan a long weekend adventure getaway soon, but you may want to rethink that. Especially if you’re looking to make that vacation happen next weekend.

Driving in general can be horrible, especially if you head south into Utah, but next weekend it is guaranteed to be worse. AAA reports that there will be more than 42 million people hitting the road between May 25th and Memorial Day on the 29th. Some will take their vacations by car and others by plane, but that’s still 42 million people filling up space in places they normally don’t.

That’s more tourists on the roads, confused by construction and street signs. That’s more families with tired little kids crowding into popular restaurants. That’s millions of vacationers heading to your favorite spot on the beach or at the lake. It’s going to be a headache of a weekend to be out of your house.

Traveling In Idaho Is Horrible On Memorial Day Weekend

Idaho in particular is expected to see a big rush on the road. It is predicted that 241,000 Idahoans are going to take a trip over Memorial Day weekend. Add that to the inevitable thousands who will be coming to Idaho for their vacation, and the roads are going to be a mess.

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If those numbers don’t scare you from planning a trip. Let us help you know where to avoid if you need to get away for the weekend. Some of the top destinations for Memorial Day travelers are Anaheim and San Diego in California, Las Vegas, Salt Lake City, and Yellowstone.

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