With zoos across the country shut down because of the Coronavirus pandemic, some zoos are in danger of closing for good. Many heavily rely on ticket sales at the gate to support the animals, the facility, and their employees. Fortunately for those of us in the Treasure Valley, Zoo Boise has re-opened. With the re-opening and Ada County moving back to stage three of the state's plan, there are noticeable changes since the last time you were there.

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To visit Zoo Boise, you'll need to purchase your tickets in advance from their website, even if you are a member. Masks are required of guests and employees. Entry will now be spaced out with tickets admitting patrons every 30 minutes to keep the lines at the gate under control. There is now a set pathway through the zoo, headed in one direction. To continue with the CDC's social distancing guidelines, Zoo Boise had to close some popular exhibits and activities. The Small Animal Kingdom, the Penguin Pavillion, the Giraffe Encounter, Zoo Farm, and the playground areas remain closed.

Maybe the most exciting change is an addition to the zoo: A female Nyala calf, born less than two weeks ago. She doesn't have a name yet, but her parents, Zara and Bongani, are adjusting well.

So far, Zoo Boise is still planning to do some of their annual events like Zoobilee on August 28 and Paint with the Penguins on November 4.


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