Could it be possible that our mother was wrong about this? If you believe the study from Daily Mail, then your mom was wrong about a lot of stuff. Your mom was right about running with scissors, and wearing a coat in the cold - but this list of 5 bad habits mom told us not to do are actually 5 things that are good to do.

  • BITING YOUR NAILS - helps expose your body to new germs in low doses so your body can develop antibodies.  Picking your nose and eating it does the same thing...but we'll agree that it is still disgusting.
  • BURPING - protects your body from heartburn.  If you don't burp, the gas stays inside you and loosens muscles allowing stomach acid to escape and cause heartburn. This is interesting because I burp a lot and still get heartburn sometimes. So imagine what would happen if I didn't burp!
  • PASSING GAS - Same idea as burping. If you don't release the air it builds up in your intestines.  That can cause pain and damage. I'd like to stress here that this does not mean you can just let 'er rip whenever you want. At least leave the room or light a match.
  • EATING IN BED - It helps you digest your food better.  Stress interrupts digestion. If you're relaxed and laying down, your body breaks everything down completely. Good luck eating while laying down though.
  • SPITTING - It helps your breathing.  This applies especially to when you exercise. Since you breathe through your mouth it can cause throat inflammation.  Spitting helps clear your breathing passages.


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