If you want a rabbit hole to dive down in Idaho, you have a lot of options. Conspiracy theories abound in the Gem State about Bigfoot and other cryptid monsters, chemtrails and other odd sights in the sky, and the seemingly inexplainable loud booms that are only heard by certain people.

Idaho Authorities Explanation For Mysterious Booms Raises More Questions

The mysterious booms are a popular topic in Southern Idaho. I’ve only experienced them once, and I can’t say that I heard the boom just that something shook the entire building I was in. The strangest thing about the booms is that only certain people notice them. The one that I felt at the radio station wasn’t heard or felt by other people in the room next to me.

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People have their theories about the booms, but nothing has been verified. Mountain Home Air Force Base is a common location to blame, but they’ve said many times that it isn’t them. Others think the sound comes from a sky quake, earthquake, or something breaking the sound barrier - but the claims are never verified and never line up with any scientific explanation or event.

Authorities In Idaho Don’t Know What Causes The Booms

We get reports of the loud booms in Southern Idaho often, but there was recently a report up in the panhandle near Coeur d’Alene of a mystery boom. In a post on Reddit, the incident was discussed and the Northern Lake Fire Protection District dropped a post on Facebook explaining what it wasn’t - but telling us what it wasn’t, only increases the mystery.

Some Southern Idaho Mystery Booms Can Be Explained

While we speculate about the unknown cause of the frequent booms, there are some instances that can be explained. Mountain Home AFB could have been the cause of one instance, and a meteor was deemed to be the culprit in another. As for the Bigfoot encounters, your guess is as good as ours.

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