I've never owned a brand new car...or even a kind of new car. My daily driver is a 1995 Honda Civic where the stereo is probably the most high tech thing on the car.

That doesn't mean the car doesn't have it's secrets. All cars have secrets. The weird places to hide stuff, cool hidden features, and other stuff that you don't find out about until you have been driving the car for a while. And when you finally find out about them you have that 'duh' moment and feel stupid for not realizing it earlier. After about a year driving our van we finally found out that the inside ceiling storage was removable and could be placed in different areas of the car. My Civic has a hidden compartment in the trunk where a jack and jumper cables were hiding from the original owner...that is pretty standard on cars now though.

For example - right now I am test driving a Nissan Sentra SL from Rob Green Nissan Hyundai. I've been driving this car to and from work for five months and I just last week realized that the front seats have pockets on the front where you can store important papers, candy, your phone, or even a hand gun. This is Idaho so you probably have one in your car already anyways.

What feature on your car did you initially not know and then surprised you when you found it?