Less than ten years ago predictions about the impending end of the world were flying around like mashed potatoes at a food fight. The theories would come and go then we'd get hit with another not long after. Many will remember the many guesses of Harold Camping in 2011. Harold was the leader of the Christian group Family Radio. In May of 2011 he predicted that the end of the world would hit us on May 21st. He came to that number, not by a revelation from God but by some shoddy math and scripture references. Read all about that in our story from 2011. When we didn't all disappear and the Earth didn't explode, Camping held to his guns and decided that his math was right but the May 21st date was only the beginning of the end...not the actual end. That date he said was coming at us in October of 2011.

Yet, here we are almost a decade later in 2020 dealing with a pandemic, riots, and more of an end-of-the-world situation than in 2011. This has been a year where nothing is surprising to us anymore. Godzilla could walk out of the ocean or the Yellowstone super volcano could explode and we'd be 'Yeah, that seems about right for 2020.'

Let's not forget that in 2012, someone decided that the Mayans knew what was up and the new end of the world date was December 21, 2012. That date also passed by and unless you believe that the world did end and the world is so bad right now because we are in some sort of purgatory, we have a new end of the world date for you to worry about or ignore. The Sun writes that a conspiracy theory scientist, Paolo Tagaloguin, posted on Twitter that due to changes from the Gregorian and Julian calendars the actual date for the end of the world is this Sunday, June 21st. So, happy Father's Day and first full day of summer. But, as with all good conspiracy theories, the tweet from Paolo has since been deleted or never actually existed. I guess we'll see this Sunday.

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