UPDATE: The National Weather Service out of Boise has issued an Air Stagnation Advisory for portions of Idaho and Oregon, now in effect through 11 PM Friday.

Air Stagnation and Snow in Southern Idaho Forecast

Twin Falls can expect some snowfall from Monday into Tuesday with an accumulation of less than an inch. After Tuesday, temperatures hold fast in the low to mid-40s and partly sunny through the weekend. Along with the slight rise in temperature, the wind will die off and the air will become stagnant which could be dangerous for some people.

  • WHAT...An extended period of stagnant air, with light winds and little vertical mixing.
  • WHERE...Portions of south central, southwest and west central Idaho and northeast and southeast Oregon.
  • WHEN...From 11 PM MST /10 PM PST/ this evening to (updated) 11 PM MST /10 PM PST/ Friday.
  • IMPACTS...Periods of air stagnation can lead to the buildup of pollutants near the surface.

Weather Alert Means Poor Air Quality in Southern Idaho

The weather alert affects parts of southern, central, and western Idaho plus northeast and southeast Oregon. Air Stagnation will be an issue from Monday night until 8 on Thursday evening.

During periods of air stagnation, pollutants can build up near the surface. The lack of wind means smoke, dust, gases, and other industrial pollutants can be a health risk to humans and the environment.

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The National Weather Service recommends residents reduce or eliminate activities that contribute to air pollution, which includes vehicle trips and residential wood-burning devices.

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Stay up to date on air quality in Idaho with the Department of Environmental Quality mobile app.

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