On Wednesday night, I was in my front yard working on a project when I heard a loud plane flying by. I looked up and saw what I thought was a regular airplane just flying low over Twin Falls. But, later another plane did the same thing but it sounded louder and looked larger. It was also pretty dark by that time so I didn’t get a good look. Others in Twin Falls saw the same thing and even got pictures and videos. Local Facebook groups were flooded with comments, questions, and speculation. So, what were the planes and why were they so low?

2 Low Flying Planes Over Twin Falls Have Residents Confused and Speculating

I honestly didn’t really think much about the low-flying planes. We live near the airport and random planes from Mountain Home are nothing new. When I got onto Facebook is when I learned that a lot of people were concerned and questioning them. Some even say that one of the planes hovered near them before moving on. None of the videos I saw show the planes hovering, but you can see that they are low and loud. To add to the issue, this all happened at night.

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Other than the obvious comment (possibly joking) that they weren’t planes but were alien UFOs, there were claims that it was a commercial flight. During that timeframe you can see on the Flight Radar 24 website, 2 large planes flew over Twin Falls, a Lockheed L382G Hercules at 10:03 and an Airbus A319-114 at 10:20. But, neither of those planes flew in the direction reported. Other comments state it was a C17 cargo plane out of Mountain Home. That could be a possibility.

There’s no information registered about any other flights over Twin Falls during that time frame and definitely not that low. The information on Flight Radar is in UTC so you have to add 6 hours to your time to watch (10 pm in Twin Falls is 4 am the next day in UTC).

You can watch the videos on Facebook (some are in groups that you have to join to see) and read comments or leave your own if you have airplane knowledge.

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