Let’s talk about real estate that is out of this world. There are houses that look like spaceships and you can rent them for small parties or vacations. There was recently one in the news that went viral in California and it was featured on the Netflix series ‘The World’s Most Amazing Vacation Rentals’.

Everyone Loves the California UFO House But We Found One That's Better

The California UFO is called the Area 55 Futuro House. The Futuro House was an architectural idea that came about in the late 60s as a portable ski chalet. The house is cool as you can see in this picture (and we’ll include a full gallery below) but first, we want to show you a different UFO house that we like a lot more.

Credit Area 55 Futuro
Credit Area 55 Futuro

The UFO House we love is located in Baja California, Mexico and you can rent it on Airbnb. The Area 55 is definitely cool and retro/sleek but the UFO Guadalupe has style, uniqueness, and looks like a cartoon UFO.

Check Out The Amazing Airbnb UFO Guadalupe

There are a lot of ways to build a house and this might be one of the most unique ways to do it. UFO Guadalupe is in Baja California, Mexico and rents for about $305 per night. The booking calendar looks pretty open too, so if you are making plans months out or coming up soon, you should be OK getting your dates.

Gallery Credit: N8

Both UFO houses have great views and are guaranteed to be an interesting stay. UFO Guadalupe can be rented through Airbnb and Area 55 is now exclusively through the Area 55 Futuro website. Which do you like better - The Guadalupe UFO or Area 55?

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The UFO Guadalupe is an awesome-looking house, but one of my favorite places is still the Sun Valley Starship.

The Sun Valley Starship Is Stunning

Though it looks like an unfinished basement decorated with steampunk items, this multi-million dollar home is stunning.

Gallery Credit: Credit Zillow

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