Last night I was driving my daughter home from a church activity a little after 8 when we saw what we thought was the St. Luke’s helicopter hovering over a neighborhood near us. Since it looked so close, we decided we wanted to drive towards it to see what had happened. But, as we drove down Washington Street past Orchard and Swensen’s it started moving to the southwest.

We kept driving south on Washington hoping to catch up to it and then cut over to the west when we did, but as we got to the Fleur de Lis Ranch something strange happened that made us think it wasn’t a helicopter. It looked like the craft turned around and came toward us over a field of corn that was being harvested and then it disappeared.

The aircraft had 3 large white lights on it and a small red light, so it couldn’t have just flown off or landed without us seeing it. We even drove around the block where it would have been to make sure it wasn’t on the ground. It really freaked my daughter out.

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It turns out that we weren’t the only ones who saw it, and apparently, there was more than just one of the aircraft, which I will now call a UFO. I was looking on Facebook in the Magic Valley Rants and Raves group and saw people posting pictures and videos, asking questions, and throwing out answers and speculations. Rants and Raves is a closed group, so to see the videos you have to join, and the video from my car camera didn’t pick it up very well.

Possible UFO Videos on Magic Valley Rants and Raves

It’s worth joining the group just to see the videos. Make sure to look for the videos from Douglas Howell-Callen, Tiffany Mitchell, and Afton Anderson. In some of the videos taken when it wasn’t as dark as when I was out, you can better see that it could very well be an airplane. But, if it was a plane then why did it appear to hover at times and then magically disappear?

There isn’t an answer in the group about it hovering, and that could have just been a visual illusion on my part, but the comments say the plane could have gone into stealth mode. It would make sense if they killed all the lights so that I wouldn’t be able to see it. But, it also didn’t make any loud noise, and many comments are saying that it was a C17 which is usually a large and loud plane when it’s that low.

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Any ideas out there about what it was or proof about what it was?

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