It is common knowledge that you should stay away from all wild animals when you visit Yellowstone National Park or in any other outdoor scenario, but that doesn’t keep people from making bad decisions. In a recent video out of Yellowstone, a female hiker is on a trail occupied by a family of bison and she makes the worst decision possible in that situation.

Yellowstone Touron Gets Tossed By Protective Bison

In the video, you can hear the touron talking to herself and the bison and it almost seems like she understands that she’s in a bad situation and might make the right decision. She sees that she’s in between a pair of baby bison and the parents, which is a horrible place to be. Bison are very protective and these ones are on high alert for the woman, but she still decides to attempt to walk around them.

Surprisingly, she almost makes it. But in her moment of false security one of the bison charges her and the video ends with her cursing in pain and stuck in a bush. The video comes from the Tripods in the Wild YouTube Channel and we’ve featured other encounters from them recently including a pack of wolves chasing an elk across a highway and a deer attacking a woman in her driveway.

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This Is Why You Stay Far Away From Wildlife In Yellowstone

It isn’t uncommon to see videos like this one or hear the stories of tourists who got too close to wild animals. But there are exponentially more stories of people who stayed the proper distance away and didn’t get mauled by the critters. National Park guidelines advise visitors to stay at least 25 yards away from bison and at least 75 to 100 yards from larger predator animals.

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