The search engine in your computer browser is adaptive so it can start finishing your sentences better than your spouse, eventually. But, no matter your previous searches, if you type 'Why is Idaho so' and let Google finish your sentence you'll get the same question as everyone else. Google will add the word 'boring' to your sentence.

Your search engine is adaptive to you but it's also adaptive to everyone else, and based on trends. If enough people are typing the same information or asking the same questions (or even looking for stories with that information) Google will think that's what most people want to see, and that's how we get 'Why is Idaho so boring?'. Thanks a lot other internet users.

Not all computers come up with the same search results, at least not in the same order. On the computer here at the radio station if I search for a song by an artist the first result is always a video. When I do the same searches at home on my kids' computer, the Wikipedia result is usually one of the top results.

This isn't the first time Idaho has been called boring. Last year the Area Vibes website put out a story with that claim and back in 2016 Homesnacks said the same thing. For both of them the reason was that the majority of the population is married, and married people are boring.

Reddit user, Matt Shirley, got into an unused browser to get unbiased and non-adapted answers to his question for each state. I did the same thing and it looks like the results he got are pretty standard, even on a well used computer. Idaho is boring...if you ask Google. Idaho is also, in the order they appear on the autocomplete list:

  • Popular
  • Expensive
  • Republican
  • Poor
  • Bad
  • Good For Growing Potatoes
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