I may be in the minority here, but I like winter. Chilly days, snow storms, playing in the snow, and roaring fires in the fireplace. Plus, Christmas happens in the winter and that is a definite positive to the season. I also like warm weather but only look forward to summer each year for two main reasons. Summertime means amusement parks and beaches. Every year we try to get in at least one vacation to a California beach and a trip to an amusement park somewhere.

Last year for our amusement park trip we went to Roaring Springs for our first time ever. I do prefer a day of roller coasters at Lagoon to water slides and lazy rivers, but Roaring Springs did exceed my expectations and I'll definitely go back some day. This year though we plan to head back to Utah for the heart-pounding excitement of Lagoon. Lagoon and Roaring Springs, along with most other parks, have restrictions in place for visitors' safety during the pandemic. I'm hoping the restrictions don't affect my plans.

I just watched a video of a roller coaster at a park where there were no guests, so they loaded up a ride with giant teddy bears and sent them off for the cutest ride ever. And they did it with unicorns in Sweden.

Disney in Florida has also come up with a fun way to encourage social distancing and masks at their parks. In the video below they have two Stormtroopers looking over guests and enforcing park policy mixed with silly and witty banter.

While I plan to go to Lagoon or Roaring Springs this year, there is still a chance I won't feel comfortable taking my family into that type of social situation this year. Do you think you're ready for amusement parks to be open?

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