Whether you are a Game of Thrones fan or not, winter is coming. Exactly when winter will arrive in Idaho is up for debate since it could be the calendar date or some might consider it the day we get our first real snowfall.

When Does Winter Begin In Idaho

The calendar date for winter to begin in 2022 will be December 21st, but winter could arrive much earlier than that date if we base it on when it starts looking and feeling like winter. I start calling it winter when there is snow on the ground, otherwise, it is just called the cold season.

When Can We Expect The First Snow In 2022

In 2021 we didn’t get the first snowfall until December 9th and the year before that the flakes fell on November 8th. For 2022, the Farmer’s Almanac is showing a chance of snow for Idaho in October between the 20th and 23rd, but they don’t specify what locations could get a blanket of white. At Almanac they show a chance for snowy periods November 12-16.

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When Will It Snow In Southern Idaho

While the weather is a fickle creature and we don’t know exactly when we’ll get the first snowfall of the winter, we can look at previous years to find the average date the first flakes fall in Idaho. On average, we get our first real snow on November 19th. Southern Idaho cities have received snowfall as early as October 10th which happened in Boise in 2008.

Photo by Andrey Bond on Unsplash
Photo by Andrey Bond on Unsplash

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