Everyone has at least one day in their life where they feel a little blue. For most of us we have many of those days. So what do you do to feel better? We know some great ways to feel more confident...but what if you just want to feel happier? Here are the top 3 sights to put you in a better mood. The things we like to see differ with men and women, but both genders agree that a beautiful beach is an instant pick-me-up. So enjoy that picture on the top of the page - and the rest of this list should put a smile on your face too.

For women the other sights are cute animals and babies smiling.

Happy Babies and Cute Animals - Awww!

And boys will be boys so for men the other favorites are attractive women and watching sports!

How About Attractive Women at the Beach Playing Sports? Winning!
iStockphoto 152130631/200391464-001

What is something that when you see it instantly makes you happier?