I don’t need a lot of incentive to not go biking in the mountains. I prefer hiking with my own two feet over two-wheeled travel. A few cyclists in California may want to think twice about taking their bikes out for a ride after they were attacked by a raging bull during an off-road race.

Cyclists Attacked By Raging Bull During Race

During the Bianchi Rock Cobbler off-road race in Bakersfield, three participants were attacked by a bull. According to KMPH, of the three cyclists attacked, two of them were able to finish the race. The third man wanted to finish the race but was advised by people around him to quit. Videos of the bull attack can be found online, including Twitter and YouTube:

Bull Attack In California Caught On Video

Angry Bull Attacks Cyclists In California

In both videos above, it appears that the riders had no idea that the bull was aggressive. Other riders were more aware of this particular bull and gave him extra room until it was safe to pass.

Dangerous Rock Cobbler Race In California

The Rock Cobbler race is known as a challenging race and there are dangers on the course, but bull attacks aren’t normal. Race organizers say they may ‘review or modify’ the course for future races.

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