There seems to be a pretty big influx of spam calls lately. Have you been getting them too? Sometimes they are harmless telemarketers or politicians and other times they are scammers. Not all scams come over the phone though...but they are all pretty annoying. You can get emails, phone calls, paper mail, or even scammed in person. It is a scary time, especially heading into the holidays when we are feeling more charitable. You have to be vigilant to only give to reputable or truly needy sources. According to research by Your Local Security, Idaho ranks 37th in the nation for incidents of fraud and the most common in Idaho is the 'Imposter Scam'.

Someone may contact you in an imposter scam and claim to be a friend, relative, friend of someone you know, government agent of some type. They'll claim to need money or personal information which they will then use to steal from you. Coeur d'Alene has the most cases of imposter scams. So, if your long lost Uncle Rico on your father's side randomly shows up in need of money - be wary. If he claims to be able to throw a steak over a mountain, also be wary but maybe let him try.

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