Let's play a game. Can you name this Twin Falls construction site?

There is a lot of new construction happening in Twin Falls and keeping track of all of it is nearly impossible. For example - I just found out that there is another OReilly's Auto Parts store up by WalMart. The Chipotle restaurant has been open for a few weeks and there is another building in construction right next to it (that is just a generic building that will be able to be used for whatever tenant decides to rent it).

So, back to the original question. Can you name what the above construction is or even where it is happening?

Maybe this picture will help.

Burger King By Twin Falls Walmart

If you don't already know then the second picture won't help. Those walls are the start of a new Burger King in Twin Falls by WalMart. And, now you know and can sound smart next time you drive by and your friends don't know what is happening.

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