The more I learn about Southern Idaho and its history with film and TV, the more it makes sense that Sun Valley is like a mini Hollywood.

Movies And TV Shows Filmed In Idaho

We’ve written numerous stories about movies that were filmed in Idaho, Breakfast of Champions was filmed in Twin Falls and Napoleon Dynamite was shot in Preston. We’ve also had stories about the various TV shows that have been filmed here, including Wayward Pines and COPS plus episodes of Grey's Anatomy and The Imperfects say they visit Idaho. But somehow we’ve missed a classic TV show from the 70s that had multiple episodes shot in Twin Falls. That TV show was called Cannon and it ran from 1971 until 1976.

Cannon TV Show Episodes FIlmed In Twin Falls

The Cannon series was recently brought up on a Twin Falls Facebook group. I love following these groups because there are so many people in our community willing to share their memories about events from the past. In the post, there were comments about locations where the show was filmed, like Norm’s Cafe, the old courthouse, Dierkes Lake, and Shoshone Falls. Kids even left school to go talk to the actors.

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From the group, it sounds like there were 2 episodes filmed in the Twin Falls area and both were in the 4th season. In episode 9, titled Flashpoint, Detective Cannon deals with a suspect being threatened by the mob. Episode 14 was filmed at Dierkes Lake and in Kimberly, but the show calls it Kimberly Texas. In that episode, Cannon heads to a rural town to solve a murder and becomes the target of a sniper. There's even a shootout at Dierkes Lake.

Watch The Southern Idaho Episodes Of Cannon

Both episodes were filmed in the Magic Valley and the Flashpoint episode has a segment on YouTube. Check it out, in episode 9, they are clearly down by Dierkes and the Shoshone Falls.

If you can find episode 14 anywhere, you'll see that Dierkes Lake is the backdrop for the scene starting about 15 minutes in and Main Street Kimberly is the setting for the 24-minute mark.

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