If you have ever used Google to search for something online you have no doubt seen the constantly changing Google doodle at the top of the screen. Usually the picture corresponds to something special on that day, maybe a holiday, birthday of someone famous or influential, or an event. Other days, like today, it is just the regular Google name.

How Can I See the Doodles in the Contest?

The finalists in the contest are posted on the Doodle for Google website. They are categorized by school grades and each state only has one finalist among all grades. For Idaho the doodle eligible for a win is in the 4-5 grade group.

When and How Can I Vote For the Idaho Doodle?

Voting for the 2021 Doodle for Google contest is open now until Friday May 14. To vote for the Idaho picture you need to select the 4-5 Grade group and click on the Idaho drawing. It's the second picture. When you click on it you also get an explanation of the picture:

The G is smart, the O is helping another O, the other G is lifting weights, the L is playing music, and the E is playing basketball.

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What Does the Winner Receive?

The winning child in the contest gets their picture featured on the Google page for a day, a $30,000 scholarship, $50,000 for their school or a charity, Google swag. Four national finalists will also be chosen and receive $5,000 scholarships and Google gear. All finalists in the contest will get Google prizes.

Where Do the Google Doodles Come From?

Sometimes the Google doodles come from the public during contests. Right now Google is holding a contest using pictures submitted from kids across the United States and territories. The contest submissions began in January of 2021 with the theme for the doodles being 'I am strong because...'. Doodles came from kids in kindergarten up to 12th grade.

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