I have to admit that I'm surprised by what I read today. I really thought the CDC would be pressuring us to not celebrate Halloween, especially Trick-or-Treat activities. Yet, the CDC director announced in an interview on CBS that kids should be able to go get bags of candy while trick-or-treating around their neighborhoods. There are exceptions though.

Trick-or-Treat In 2021

The idea that kids should be able to celebrate Halloween in 2021 is fully dependant on the level of safety risk. The CDC director stated that as long as 'you're able to be outdoors'. She says parents and kids should limit the size of their groups and gatherings.

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Halloween On A Sunday

I wrote a story a few days ago about how we would be celebrating Halloween in Southern Idaho this year. I assumed we were going to celebrate as a community, just like we did last year and every other year. The real question this year has to do with the day on which the holiday falls. You can read the full story about why it may be an issue in our previous story.

I also posted the question about what day we should celebrate in a local Facebook community group and there didn't seem to be any question among the people who left comments. Basically, the consensus was: Halloween is on Sunday, why would we celebrate any other day? Out of more than 50 comments, less than a handful were in favor of celebrating on Saturday. A few of those were actually in favor of celebrating both days. Smart.

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