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We may be chafing under Governor Brad Little’s restrictions on our lives, although.  You can say enforcement in Idaho hasn’t been as perilous as in other states.  By now, many of us have heard plenty about the dad handcuffed while playing ball with his little girl in a Colorado public park.  Or the guy dragged off a bus in Philadelphia for not wearing a mask.  Or the policeman who told a Mississippi pastor his constitutional liberties have been suspended.

Keep in mind, the Founding Fathers believed your rights were a gift from the Almighty.  In other words, only God can suspend your rights.  As I understand, the Constitution is not only still in place, but law enforcers and elected politicians take an oath to uphold the document.  Has this changed and we didn’t get the memo?

If you’re violating God’s wishes, then I suppose you’re making the Lord unhappy.

Andrew McCarthy has a piece at National Review where he explains the Republic is threatened by much of what we’re seeing from government’s response to the pandemic.  You can read it by clicking here.

If you’re violating God’s wishes, then I suppose you’re making the Lord unhappy.  Does this mean politicians believe in neither the Almighty nor Constitution?  I’ve long suspected many of them simply offer lip service to both.  For public relations purposes.

What we’ve seen exposed in recent weeks is the authoritarian nature of government.  The one the Founders feared.  Governors in some states are banning people from public parks or barring them from buying garden seeds.  Closer to Idaho, the Mayor of Mountain Home threatened to send police to your house if you had a neighbor visiting.  “My officers,” he called them.  The policemen and women paid by the taxpayers and constituents.  The same Mayor who visited a public gym while warning others to stay away.  I pray the man’s political career is short.  I pray for sanity and I pray for a return to our beloved constitutional order.

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