I came across this rural palace during a Sunday drive.  Close to two main roads and yet isolated between some groves of trees.  I noticed the realty sign and decided to look up the place on Zillow.  The hardwood floors are what attracts me.  As a little boy I remember getting out of bed and my feet hitting polished wood.  Then I’d race my brother downstairs.  Mom would already have laundry in the dryer and a cup of coffee in her hand.  I looked up my old house online a year ago.  It’s valued at ten percent of the place I saw Sunday afternoon!  Location, location, location!

The house is within the Filer School District boundaries.

At nearly 900,000 dollars, the place south of Twin Falls is a bit too rich for my blood.  It doesn’t mean I have to avoid admiring pretty houses.  I love the out buildings and the classic look of the storage barn.  You would be about 15 minutes away from the north side of Twin Falls by car.  You could probably be at the airport on the south side in ten minutes or less.

The house is within the Filer School District boundaries.

Zillow explains the place has been on the market for three weeks.  While it may appear pricey and some potential buyers may have pause, the housing market is hotter than a fire cracker.  In this market, patience should pay for the seller.

It would have some room for a radio studio.  I just need a slight raise to make it work.  Or crowd funding or the discovery of a rich relative or…

Otherwise, it's Knull and void!


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