Are you ready for a trip down history lane with ten of Idaho's most deserving Darwin Award winners?

If you don't know what the Darwin awards are, it is a way to spotlight humans who make such bad decisions that they defy the Darwin Theory of Evolution and you can't believe they made it past kindergarten age. These people are the pinnacle of stupidity and some paid for it with their life.

The ten Darwins in the video made a variety of dumb mistakes. Here's the quick rundown of what they did and why it was stupid:

  1. Cow Tipping - Cow tipping is a rite of passage, but when the farmer comes out with a gun you definitely better run and not stand there baring your bum.
  2. Homemade Trike - In Idaho we are resourceful. That's a point. If you are building something you should first make sure you have the skill to do so and test the creation to make sure it works properly.
  3. Homemade Power Tool - I still don't know what the 'power tool' was that this guy made but clearly he didn't understand that electricity is powerful.
  4. Perilous Perrine (pronunciation) With Fire Chute - I'll forgive her for pronouncing Perrine wrong, but only because everything else she says in this video is hilarious. From this sad story we learn that BASE jumping while on fire is a bad idea.
  5. Ice Lake Dog - Note to all: if a small dog breaks through the ice you will too.
  6. Hot Apple Pie - When life emulates art...kind of. Dude burned his bits in a baked dessert.
  7. First Time Flyer - Flying is hard. The end.
  8. Manure Pond Predicament - If it looks like mud it might not be mud. Death by manure water sounds worse than swimming in Dierkes Lake.
  9. Quick Dip(stick) - Don't go swimming if you can't swim.
  10. Self Protection From Self - If only there were a safe and proper way to hold or store your guns.

While the Darwin events are pretty amusing, my favorite part of this video and the only reason I watched all ten minutes is the perfectly dry and sarcastic delivery of the narrator. She reads some of the best one-liners I've heard in a long time and that's what really makes this video great.

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