I don't get why spring cleaning is a thing. What kind of people are we that we wait for a specific time of the year to clean up our junk that we have knowingly hoarded all winter (or probably longer)? My problem isn't even that we are apparently all secretly hoarders but only admit it once a year, if you have a mess then clean up that junk. My problem is the timing of spring cleaning.

Spring cleaning is literally like stepping outside on a warm, sunny day and saying 'Wow, today is beautiful. Let's not do something fun to celebrate the good weather and clean the garage instead.' That's dumb and honestly 'Fall Cleaning' would make a lot more sense.

In the fall, the weather is getting chilly and you are putting stuff away for the winter and searching for Halloween, Thanksgiving, and Christmas decorations anyways. Just do the cleaning then! That way when spring rolls around you can act like a sane person and enjoy the good weather instead of cleaning like a chump.

We even have a list of great ways to use the nice spring days and relieve stress. You can even win some money to help get your house clean and organized...and maybe keep it that way until fall cleaning comes around.

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