My wife is on a new Keto diet which sounds like a joke to me. She gets to eat a lot of stuff that I thought was against diets like ground beef, bacon, fried chicken, and cheese - she just has to watch her carbs. So, she comes home the other day with two 10 pound logs of ground beef (which is fine by me). As we are prepping the meat for cooking and freezing though I decided to read the label, which had an interesting bit of info.

Who buys a 10 pound log of beef and doesn't know what to do with it?! Do we really need to know that ground beef is good for making burgers, meatballs, and meatloaf? They don't say it will be good as taco meat but I used it for that anyways and it was good. Are we that dumb or do corporations really see us as needing that kind of guidance? I haven't looked, but on toilet paper does it state 'great for wiping bums and noses'? Or will soda cans soon tell you that the contents are 'great for making you burp'? Actually, that would be funny and I'd buy it.

I do think that unless they are giving recipes for their suggestions on how to use the log of meat that it seems like a silly thing to put on the packaging.

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