I have a lot of things that I need need to sell from my home and garage. Usually when I do get around to selling my random stuff I post it online because I think a garage sale is too much work. I've also purchased my share of items from online sellers through Craigslist or Facebook Marketplace - and it always feels like a drug deal.

You end up meeting in a mutually approved public location and have that awkward moment of not knowing if that's the person you are supposed to be meeting. Then you exchange items and money and hop in your car and leave. I know I joke about it - but it really can be a dangerous event. You don't know the person you are meeting or what their real intentions are.

My buddy in Alabama just posted that they have a city approved and monitored location for these kind of exchanges, and I think it is brilliant. I've heard that here in Twin Falls some people choose to meet at the Police station which seems like a good idea too.

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