Labor Day weekend is upon us and normally that would mean a lot of people on the roads travelling for a long weekend vacation. I don't know what to expect with the pandemic, but it does seem like people are very willing to hop in their cars right now. Will there be more travelers during the weekend and will Idahoans be vacationing in Idaho or leaving the state for a quick getaway? Whatever you decide to do, even if it is staying home and safe, you'll need some good snacks for the weekend.

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I've begun to realize in my older age that I have a lot of routines and habits that I do each day without normally giving it extra thought. Maybe being stuck at home has forced me to realize what I'm doing with my time each day. I know I'm often up too late watching random videos on social media. I also have a habit that only comes around when I'm going on a road trip: I buy a bottle of chocolate milk (whole milk of course), a bag of red licorice, beef jerky, and a Mt. Dew for my essential road trip snacks. I'm not the only one who is realizing their odd habits as TikTok users have been posting videos documenting their essential vacation snacks.

DISCLAIMER: If you watch any of the below videos many of the song they chose have curse words. If that worries you then you can watch them muted.

You'll notice that in most of these at least one preferred item is a spicy item. Why would everyone choose flame mouth while driving?

This one you'll definitely want to mute, but watch it because the last item on her list is laxatives! Language warning.

This one is cool because they took some time to decorate rocks as their favorite items.

My daughter is a huge fan of Just Jordan so I'd be in trouble if I didn't include her on the list.

This guy is probably a crazy dude to go on a road trip with BTW. Language warning.

Solid choices by this kid, especially with the Bit O Honey candy.

You can see more TikTok videos with the GasStationOrder hashtag if you feel you need to see more. otherwise leave us a comment of your essential road trip snacks.

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