A lot of us have had to acquaint ourselves with digital meetings and video conference calls during this pandemic. Personally I’ve found it tempting to join many meetings over the last few months, mute my mic and video, and then do something completely unrelated to the call. Even the calls that I actively engage in I find myself getting distracted at times by things that have nothing to do with the meetings. For some people this isn’t an issue, but for me multitasking is a skill that I have yet to master. I might be checking my emails, playing Pokemon Go, yelling at my kids, or eating a snack while the presenter is talking. I have not fallen asleep during a call...yet.

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So, with all these possible distractions, what is the main distracter for Idahoans? According to Zippia, it is the neverending call of the pantry and refrigerator. Food is the number one distraction during video calls and I feel like that isn’t really a bad thing. Even I can eat and listen to a call.

There are some other interesting stats on their study: they say that more than half of people do something else while on a video call. That has to be more like everybody but the presenter is doing something else during the call. Their findings also show that many of the distractions are still work related, so we are checking work emails or working on another work project during the calls.

One of the findings that I think everyone can relate to is the annoyance of attending virtual meetings that could have been an email. Especially when you find out later that the meeting wasn’t mandatory and they sent out all the info afterwards in an email anyways.

If you haven’t been part of a group video call, the video in this story is pretty spot on with what you’ll encounter.

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