As 2020 continues to deliver surprise blows and shake up our lives, there are some good things happening amid the turmoil. The Twin Falls School District announced back in September that they had been given funds to provide free meals to students while the funds lasted. The school district has since announced that the free meal program will now continue through the end of the school year.

Since the school district is currently in the Orange Protocol Level and classes aren't happening everyday in-person for students, those needing free meals on their off days can pickup food at the schools during regularly scheduled meal times. The free meal program includes breakfast and lunches and includes Mondays when all students have online classes. Free meals will not be available on days that school is not in session.

As before, if a student has debt from previous meals on their account they are still expected to pay those debts. For students with credits to their accounts, those credits will carry over until the free meal program ends. The school district has posted the food schedule for each day on their website.

For questions or more information check the Twin Falls School District website.

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