Today is International Picnic Day and the weather is perfect to get outside for a fun meal. If you are feeling like celebrating in an over-the-top way and travelling internationally to have a picnic, then go ahead. Most of us will have to celebrate in a different fashion and eat some international food at a local park. Conveniently it is also International Sushi Day, so you could eat some sushi at a park and celebrate both!

We are blessed in Twin Falls to have a lot of parks spread throughout the city. You could choose to picnic at the park nearest your house or you could venture out of your comfort bubble and check out one of the other great parks. Here are the top 5 parks for a picnic in Twin Falls.

  • Mary Alice Park - This is easily the most unique park in all of Twin Falls. You can play chess and checkers on the giant ground boards or mini golf. There is a great gazebo to sit under and eat plus there is a fun little trail around the park for a short walk. Mary Alice Park is only about the size of a house lot but they packed a bunch of cool stuff into it.
  • First Federal Bank Park - If you have kids then you already know that First Federal Bank Park is a summer lifesaver. Not only is the playground huge - you also have the splash pad and soccer fields so there is plenty of room for all your activities.
  • Thomsen Park - This has been our go to park since we moved to Twin Falls. There is a giant field for playing sports, a volleyball court, the playground is nice, and there is a good sized trail around the park. There are also covered picnic tables if you want to be outside but not in the sun.
  • Twin Falls Power Plant Park - The Power Plant Park is perfect if you have water toys. Boats, kayaks, and paddle boards are welcome and you could do your picnic out on the water. You can also fish and swim and covered picnic areas are available. Some people prefer to go to Dierkes or Centennial for their near water picnics but TF Power Plant is usually less crowded and the water seems to be more clean than at Dierkes.
  • Twin Falls City Park - The tried and true Twin Falls City Park is also a great option for a picnic. There is plenty of shade from the trees and room to spread out a blanket for your picnic.

Do you have a favorite picnic park in Twin Falls?

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