Twin Falls is really growing incredibly fast which makes traffic a little more difficult each day. There are some roads that people will avoid like the plague and some roads we can't help but drive. Some of the worst ones are here.

Obviously let us know which ones you hate more if we missed any. These are the ones that I try to avoid but never seem to be able to.

  • 1

    Blue Lakes

    All of Blue Lakes is a pain in the butt. Every single intersection on this busy road can be frustrating. People drive too slow, people drive too fast, people don't merge correctly. It's all frustrating.

  • 2

    Pole Line

    Pole Line is one of those roads you really can't avoid, similar to Blue Lakes. And it has a lot of the same issues. But it can get especially frustrating when you are turning out of Harrison and trying to go left, but you have to go right first and go across 3 lanes of traffic so you can flip a U-turn. You all have been there.

  • 3


    Seriously, can they just pick how many lanes this road is going to be. There are so many "lane ends" signs down this stretch of road it's crazy. There are more lane ends and lane beginning on Eastland than all other roads combined.

  • 4


    Washington is frustrating because of intersections like 2nd where no one uses a blinker to tell you if you are going straight or left, and so many people blow through the cross walks. It is scary.

  • 5


    Downtown Twin Falls in general is kind of a nightmare to drive. One ways here, two ways there, stop signs, stop lights, parks, cross walks, semis on narrow roads. All over frustrating.

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