Over the weekend I saw someone ask on Facebook 'What is going on at Costco? It is packed and they are all out of TP and water'. I initially thought they were joking, but after more than 30 comments I realized they had been living under a rock and really didn't know. Also, they should stay under that rock because it is probably a lot more safe than out here in the open. Almost everyone seems to know about the coronavirus, or at least they think they know about it. There are a lot of different stories and sources out there about the impact, potential for impact, and what we should do to prepare. I, personally am not freaking out about the virus and mobbing the grocery store but I do recognize that this is scary for a lot of people.

Fact is, the coronavirus (COVID-19) is spreading. Whether you think it is spreading quickly and thus a cause for panic or spreading slowly and nothing to worry about is subjective to your personal outlook. As of right now there have been 21 deaths and 554 confirmed cases in the United States. No confirmed cases have been reported in Idaho. Are there worse viruses and sicknesses out there? For sure, but right now the focus is on coronavirus and how to stop it. Good news, you can help stop it. You can also get paid for your willingness to be a guinea pig in the name of science at Flu Camp. 

While the name, Flu Camp, sounds fun - it isn't a day at the park. Their goal is to infect certain people with tamed down versions of viruses so they can monitor the effects and work on more effective treatments. The organization isn't just about coronavirus. They have done clinical tests on thousands of people for a number of viruses including the common cold and flu. Compensation is £100 per day, since the study is done in East London, you'll also have to find a way to fly across the pond and stay there for a few weeks.

I couldn't find on their website whether you can pick which virus you want to be infected with, so coronavirus may not be an option yet, but that information may be part of the actual application process which I didn't get in to.

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