Roaring Springs has become one of my favorite destinations recently. I always thought I wouldn't like going to a water park until my wife convinced me that we should take the kids a few years ago. We have gone every year since. We were even able to go last year thanks to their safety guidelines and special UV water filtration system. It looks like this year we'll be able to head to Meridian again for a day in the sun on the slides.

Roaring Springs has announced on their website and social media pages their plans for opening day and the guidelines visitors will be expected to follow. The plan is to open May 8th, 2021 as long as weather permits. Last year they weren't able to open until the end of May due to COVID-19 Rebound Idaho guidelines.

Obviously people are excited, as you can read in the Facebook comments. My personal favorite comment shows how ready we are for outdoor fun and that we should use this weekend while the sun's out: Aaron Dorris wrote 'How about a soft opening this week?'. I agree. This weekend is going to be too beautiful to waste.

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