If you wake up on Monday morning and already hate the day, you might be an Idahoan. I've never been one to hate just one day of the week so I usually add in Tuesday too so Monday doesn't feel bad. At Zippia, they dug up a year's worth of data to determine which states hate when the weekend is over the most and the top of the list is Monday-hating Idaho.I get that people hate Monday's, but it intrigues me that Idaho would hate it more than any other state. New Jersey has plenty of reason to hate every day, but we beat them in our hatred. Taking us one step closer to the dark side.

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At Zippia, they used data from Google searches over the course of a year to see which states were using key phrases that show hatred for the start of the work-week. Those key searches were: call in sick, why am I so tired, coffee, and jobs.

States That Hate Mondays credit Zippia
States That Hate Mondays credit Zippia

Idaho topped the list overall but the Zippia story says we were really looking for ways to call in sick on Mondays last year. Being tired on Monday is a sign that your weekend was exciting (for good reasons or bad), and coffee is an obvious byproduct cure of that tired feeling. People searching for jobs on Monday is also a sign that you not only hate that Monday has arrived but that you also probably hate your job. Maybe you can find a job that doesn't have Mondays?

Keep your heads up Idaho and let your inner Garfield shine. Monday only comes once a week and Friday will be here quick.

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