We all do random internet searches every day. I've already searched for who plays John Kreese in Karate Kid, Cameo personalized celebrity videos, how to make Cafe Rio pulled pork, and why did Lori Vallow adopt JJ in the last few hours today. It could be pretty embarrassing if someone were to keep tabs on your weird searches, right? Well, they do.

Zippia often gathers data from Google searches to come up with lists based on specific criteria. Recently their data said Idaho hates bacon, green bean casserole, and slow internet but we love being nerdy and boxes of chocolate. That's all based on data from actual searches, so if it seems weird it's because we are weird.

Weird Idaho Job Searches credit Zippia
Weird Idaho Job Searches credit Zippia

Their latest data gathering shows us what each state is searching for when it comes to work. Before I get to Idaho, I feel we need to point out that California has been searching for 'How to Become and Escort'. Do what you want with that info, but I think it was worth pointing out. Are they all still moving here? Also maybe someone should check on Arizona, it seems like they might be having an existential crisis.

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I actually love that the search we got in Idaho was 'Work Memes'. We weren't searching for ways to get a job or out of a job: we were looking for funny ways to express ourselves while at work. Bravo Idaho.

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