For the longest time, being a nerd meant you were bullied by the jocks, and liked living in a pretend fantasy world where you were a lot cooler than you actually are. Now it seems like being a nerd is almost an oxymoron because it also means that you are cool because you like geeky stuff. Take Star Wars as an example. Star Wars used to be a show for kids and middle-aged men who live in their mom's basement. Now everyone loves the Skywalker family drama. Comic books have been a sign of nerdiness for decades and now you are praised if you have knowledge and understanding of the comic book movies and their ensemble casts of popular and unknowns. It's almost un-cool to admit that you had no idea who the Guardians of the Galaxy were before the movie came out. And in Idaho we are all about the nerds.

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At Zippia they went full nerd and crunched the data numbers to find out which states are the most nerd infested. They based their ranking on some solid geek stats:

  • Star Wars
  • Star Trek
  • Dungeons Dragons
  • Live action role-playing game (LARPing)
  • Harry Potter

After the compu-nerds compiled the data Utah came in as the nerdiest state. Idaho came in at a respectable, and wedgie worthy, 4th place. That's a good ranking for nerds because four is special: it's the lowest composite number and the smallest squared prime (not Optimus Prime).

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