This has to be some sort of a joke, right? I just read that Idahoans prefer tater tots over french fries. Who did they poll for this info, children? Even then I would imagine kids would still pick french fries. Maybe they only asked fans of Napoleon Dynamite and that's why so many opted for tots rather than fries.

Who Else Loves Tots As Much As Idaho

Idaho is lumped in with Montana, Wyoming, Alaska, and the Dakotas in our disproportionate love of the shredded potato balls. I am personally more partial to french fries and if I have to choose from there I'd pick shoestring fries as my all time favorite. But it really is hard to choose just one type of fry to love since they are all so dang delicious.

How Did They Decide Idahoans Love Tots So Much

Zippia is the company that came up with the outrageous results. They based their findings on data from Google searches and chose the potato option that came up as most searched in each state. At least our choice was better than Delaware where their choice is sweet potato fries. Yuck.

Favorite Fries credit Zippia
Favorite Fries credit Zippia

Why Were Tots Included As An Option

I have issue with the results of the Zippia study. Nobody considers tater tots to be french fries, so why include them as an option? In the Zippia story they explain that certain other fries were left off the list along with onion rings not being an option. So why include tater tots and not hash browns?  Those are more like tiny french fries than tater tots. I'm actually more interested now in what our actual favorite french fry is. Probably curly fries or waffle fries.

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