If you play a lot of online video games in Idaho you have probably noticed that there is often a glaring issue. Heck - if you use the internet you have probably noticed the issue. Our internet in Idaho is so slow! Nationally ranked, Boise is in the bottom 10 out of 100 cities in America.

Source: WalletHub

To put into perspective how bad our internet is - Anchorage, Alaska ranked almost twice as high as we did. Because our internet coverage and quality is so bad is why they ranked us so low on the Wallethub study. Internet gaming takes up a lot of bandwidth with audio, video, and data coming in and out. Currently at my house we have pretty slow internet topping out around 3 mbps...but usually closer to 2. Which is terrible, especially at night when everyone wants to stream movies. The funny thing is we just got a letter in the mail saying we qualify as a high tech family and are eligible for faster internet - but we currently aren't getting the projected 'speeds up to 12mbps' we were told is available.

It is also interesting to note that they say it is the top 100 biggest cities but Salt Lake is not represented on the map?

Do you have good internet speed or are you constantly unhappy with it?

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