An Idaho man who already has his name mentioned in the Guinness Book of World Records more than 100 times has recently broken two more records.

A Gem State man has achieved multiple Guinness Book records after successfully completing a mile long run while juggling blindfolded at the same time. David Rush, after hearing no one had accomplished a combination mile run / juggling feat in under eight minutes, just captured two records by pulling it off.

According to details provided by, Rush ran the mile (while juggling) in a time of 7 minutes, 54 seconds. The previous record was 8 minutes and 35 seconds. Rush followed the sounds of two runner's steps in front of him, and had to stop every time he dropped one of the three balls, gather it, and continue on from that same spot. He was also accompanied by a cyclist who verbally guided him from behind.

Rush holds numerous records, including longest time juggling three objects continuously, at over 22 minutes. The record for most balls juggled at once, which is 11, was set by a London man in 2012.

Rush set another record involving being blindfolded earlier in 2019, when he removed 70 socks without the use of his sight, in one minute, at a January event in Greece

For more records set by Rush, visit the Guinness website and search by name. Rush also travels extensively educating people on the importance of supporting advancements in science and technology. His personal website includes more information about his records, as well as his support for the STEM disciplines.







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