The new season of Survivor starts this week and I’m beyond excited. I love this reality show and it is probably one of the only ones I’d ever want to compete on. The new season will be the 45th season for the show with more than 600 contestants having competed since it began in 2000. Of those contestants, how many have been from Idaho, and even more importantly how well did each of them do?

How Many Idahoans Have Been on Survivor?

Idaho is a state known for potatoes, but we are also known as being an adventure state where people love to go outdoors. So, it would make sense that we’d want to be on a show like Survivor and that we’d do well. According to the list of contestants on Wikipedia, there have been 4 contestants from Idaho:

  • Sheri Biethman from Boise on the Caramoan season 26
  • Taylor Lee Stocker from Post Falls on the Millennials vs Gen X season 33
  • Ben Driebergen from Boise on Heroes vs Healers vs Hustlers season 35 and the Winners at War season 40
  • Michael Gabler from Meridian on the season 43

I’ve watched Survivor since the beginning and there have been a lot of memorable contestants. One of my favorites, who didn’t win and wasn’t from Idaho, did visit me at the radio station in Twin Falls back in 2011, and I fangirl’d so hard.

Credit N8 Bird
Credit N8 Bird

Which Idaho Castaways Won on Survivor

Every contestant on Survivor from Idaho has done really well. Sherri was the co-runner-up on her season, Taylor got 12th place, and both Ben and Mike won their seasons. That gives Idaho a 50 percent win rate and 75 percent that made it to the finals!

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Idaho isn’t represented in season 45, but if you want to cheer for someone based on proximity to us there are contestants from Utah, Colorado, California, and Washington.

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