It has been one month since the Southern Idaho Home and Garden Show happened, and leading up to the show I watched a lot of home improvement reality shows with my wife. We watched so much that we ran out and had to move on to a different type of reality show, other than our bedtime murder shows. We decided that watching people try to find love would be entertaining, and it was.

Idaho Woman Acts Super Crazy on National TV Show

We found a series that we had watched before titled '90 Day Fiancé' had new episodes, so we checked out a trailer for it. Were surprised to see a woman from Idaho was to be featured in a few episodes. We were also surprised at how crazy the lady seemed to be. My wife actually asked me if I thought they did psych evaluations on the contestants, and if they did, how did this lady pass? Granted, this comment was based only on the YouTube videos below and not any actual episodes.

Ella's 'Asian Prince' Fantasy

Johnny Wants Ella To Lose Weight

Johnny Gets Denied A Visa

Ella Cheats On Johnny And Blames Him For It

Ella Johnson on 90 Day Fiancé: Before the 90 Days

We were excited to see this craziness in the show, but when we clicked through the episode list, Ella was nowhere to be seen. After searching online for a reason, we found that there was a lot of controversy with Ella, and Screenrant says she won’t be in the new episodes. I don’t have a TLC subscription or Discover+ and their websites don’t make it clear what we’ll see of the Idaho Falls resident. But there are plenty of clips on YouTube highlighting the craziness and seem to prove that this couple is part of the current season.

Ella Portrayed As a Monster on 90 Day Fiancé

The woman, Ella Johnson, was portrayed as a monster during the editing of the show. In interviews, she claimed that she was misrepresented. We know reality shows love to make drama whenever they can and they definitely did that with their footage of Ella and her suitor, Johnny.

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