It seems like reality TV has more options than scripted TV, and I'm good with that. Two of my favorite reality shows are Survivor and Big Brother. Survivor just announced their upcoming season and contestants and we are in the final few days before Big Brother gets this seasons winner. These are exciting times! Yet, neither of my favorite shows are apparently Idaho's favorite reality show. Big Brother is a favorite in Oklahoma and Survivor is the favorite reality show of Maine.

Favorite Reality Show credit How To Watch
Favorite Reality Show credit How To Watch

That's according to a study done by How To Watch and they say that in Idaho we prove we love the great outdoors because our favorite reality TV show is about living and surviving in the outdoors...alone. Literally, the show is called Alone. I haven't watched this show but I do know that one of the recent winners is from Idaho so maybe that added to the appeal of the show here.

Since I haven't watched the show I can't say whether it is a good choice or not, but I do know it is a better choice than the winner in Utah. Apparently they get their fix of relationship drama from the Bachelor TV show. I'm also proud of most of the United States for not making Keeping Up With The Kardashians their favorite. Except New York, their favorite is the Kardashians but I kind of expect that from them. Other great reality TV shows that aren't our favorite but are still pretty good are: Deadliest Catch, Nailed It, and Hoarders. Those are a few of my favorites - what are yours?

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