If nothing else, Idaho is consistent. For another year our favorite Christmas candy remains unchanged. I've actually written about this list for a few years now and every year has been the same for Idaho, we really love M&M's. Each year, and every big holiday, the Candy Store website gathers that data from our candy purchases to get the top candies in each state. In 19 states reindeer corn, the Christmas version of candy corn, was in the top 3 favorites. But not in Idaho. For us the top 3 candies are M&M's, Hershey's Kisses, and chocolate Santas. Remember how I said Idaho was consistent? Those three candy choices were also the top 3 last year.

Since we love M&M's so much it brings up a good question from earlier this year about how you eat different colored candies. You can read about that here and let us know if you eat your candies like a barbarian or in an OCD way.

It is interesting that none of our favorite candies are minty like candy canes or peppermint bark. You wouldn't even know our list was for Christmas if they didn't specify that we like chocolate Santas. Those could just as easily be chocolate bars and we'd be just as happy. Christmas is a great holiday for candy, but I'd like to remind you that Halloween is so much better. Christmas is great for chocolate and mint-flavored candy but at Halloween you get a larger variety of candy when you (your kids) trick-or-treat.

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