I think it's time to switch our argument focus from mask wearing or is the coronavirus a real thing to something more pressing and seasonal: which Halloween candy is the best and which is the worst? If you didn't already know, I eat candy instead of vegetables and I drink soda instead of water, so I know my sugar. I'm also obviously not a very healthy person so I can't and won't give that kind of advice. I eat what I think tastes good and that is why I feel confident writing about the best and worst candy. Though you may think I'm wrong and judge me for liking circus peanuts and mallow pumpkins, you can share your opinion later. First, let's go with the actual online data from Zippia and Candy Store.

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In previous years I have been disappointed by the data released by Candy Store because for the last three years they say that our favorite candy has been candy corn. So, I decided to look for a different opinion this year and found a map and data at Zippia. Both Candy Store and Zippia have better news for us this year as candy corn isn't the number one spot on either site.

Zippia went the smart route with their data and only included the top 50 actually good candies. They know that people buy bags of candy corn and tootsie rolls but those aren't really anyone's favorite. So, on their list the most popular candy in Idaho is Milk Duds.

Over at Candy Store they say that the number one candy in Idaho is Star Bursts this year followed by Snickers and then candy corn.

It is probably safe to say that is a candy is chocolate or gummy that it is someone's favorite. But what about the other candies? Some are great and others are just a waste of time...or as my wife says 'a waste of calories'.

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