When it comes to scary movies, there are a lot to choose from. There are a lot of types of scary movies too - the gory, jump scares, the cheesy, horrors, supernatural, are a few.

Since there are so many categories and so many movie choices it is truly a terror to find which is the best. There isn't just one - this isn't the Matrix Neo.

What you can do though is find out which scary movie is the most watched (which is what the fine folks at CableTV did), and in Idaho that honor goes to the 2002 movie The Ring. It's actually a good movie so I'm not disappointed. It is definitely better than what California is watching...some movie called Suspiria? Never heard of it but the trailer looks terrible.

Here's what the rest of America is watching to get their Halloween scare.

Fave Horror Movie via CableTV
Fave Horror Movie via CableTV

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