This isn't like a 'disturbance in the force' kind of disturbing. This is the 'you had a bright future and you blew it' kind of disturbing. There are 8 Star Wars episodes to choose from and Idaho picked the worst of them all. This is beyond disturbing - this is disappointing. went through Google search data from 2004 to the present to find what Star Wars episode each state Googled the most. Idaho did an unacceptable amount of searches for Attack Of The Clones. This movie was so bad that Cinema Sins did 2 episodes and almost 30 minutes covering everything dumb and wrong with Attack Of The Clones. This was the one where we have to deal with whiny Anakin for more than 2 hours. This is episode 2, where we are supposed to believe the love chemistry between Anakin and Amidala. Jar Jar Binks wasn't actually the worst part of the movie - but he was also not a good part of it. The movie feels like we sat through an actual senate meeting and not a movie. The only redeeming quality to the movie was that Anakin got his arm chopped off.

You know what makes this study even worse? Idaho was the only state that chose Attack Of The Clones - even states we make fun of like Alabama and Utah chose better movies than we did.


BONUS VIDEO - In Case You Don't Remember How Bad Attack Of The Clones Was

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