If this were an addiction meeting I would be admitting my love for candy. We are almost through the first month of the year and a lot of people have resolutions to eat healthy and cut out sugars while I continue to choose to live happy. I especially love 'day after holiday candy' because it costs less and tastes just as good. Actually, maybe it tastes better since I saved money on it (science)? About a year ago I bought 40 pounds of candy after Halloween. I think most would be happy to know that it lasted through the next summer before it was all gone. Soon it will be time to restock once Valentine's Day is over!

Did you know that Idaho has an extreme love of M&M's candy? Yep. At Candy Store they have a cool interactive map each year and for the last few our top choice has been tiny chocolate circles.

It didn't change in their latest map either. M&M's for the win again! Do you prefer a different Valentine's candy?

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