Idaho has a pretty poor track record when it comes to our favorite candies during each holiday. Candy corn during Halloween is almost the worst of the choices we could pick. That's like choosing tofu dogs for a 4th of July party. Yuck. Peppermint bark and M&M's at Christmastime are a yummy treat but it shouldn't be our favorite candy of the season. In previous years our candy of choice for Valentine's Day has followed that horrible trend and studies show our favorite candy to be conversation hearts. Not this year though. We have finally realized that mediocre is no longer acceptable and if you want to treat yourself you had better do it right.

Favorite Valentines Day Candies credit Zippia
Favorite Valentines Day Candies credit Zippia

Life is like a box of chocolates, right? And your life should be full of boxes of chocolates, especially on Valentine's Day. We need boxes of chocolate more than ever since we can't get our chocolate fix at Death By Chocolate until next year. We are pretty lucky to have a variety of local sweet's stores to get our variety boxes of chocolates. That's an interesting find from the Zippia story, we like boxes of chocolates. Other states around us have a specific type of chocolate, but we just want a box of yummy. We also prefer the chocolate to be milk chocolate according to a YouGov poll.

Now, that data is based on polls done by Zippia and YouGov, if we go to our regular place for candy deets we get the same lame candy choice. At Candy Store they say we still love those tiny candy hearts more than other candy.

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