If you had the money and you could buy anything you wanted, I’d suggest you take a look at the most expensive house for sale in Idaho right now.

The home is a masterpiece.

The Most Expensive House For Sale In Idaho is a Massive McCall Mansion

When I first saw pictures of the mansion in McCall, ID I thought it was the lodge for a ski resort or retreat. Nope. This 13,232 square foot structure is someone’s home and now it could be yours...if you have access to $20 million. But at least it is free to look.

Idaho's Current Most Expensive House is Worth Every $1 Million Dollar Bill

This house in McCall, ID is a true gem. It's filled with rooms for a variety of uses and everything about it feels unique. From the curved kitchen sink to the beautiful atrium - you have to check it out.

Gallery Credit: Credit N8

The McCall mansion is a perfect blend of looking like a lodge but being a super modern living space. The views you get with the house include beautiful mountains and the gorgeous Payette Lake.

You’ll notice in the pictures above where the house is covered in snow but the driveway is clear - that’s probably because the driveway is heated! There’s even an elevator in the home, and above each garage is a guest residence.

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There are a lot of multi-million dollar homes in Idaho, more than 120 are listed on the Zillow real estate site, but some of those are just land or rental opportunities. The McCall mansion isn't the largest single-family home on the list though. There's a 14,625-square-foot home not far away in McCall with a lower price tag. It's also designed a lot more like a log cabin and less modern.

Check out pictures of the previous most expensive house for sale in Idaho in the gallery below.

54 Adams Gulch - Most Expensive House For Sale In Idaho

The most expensive house for sale currently in Idaho has a baby-sized price tag of $18.5 million.

Gallery Credit: Credit Zillow

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